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A secluded beach in MorningtonMornington is a major regional town on the Mornington Peninsula. Mornington has two private hospitals, modern library, regional art gallery, major recreation and cultural facilities at the Civic Reserve that was extensively upgraded in 2014. The historic Main street shopping village centre has an abundance of cafés, restaurants and specialty stores.


Mornington real estate

The most expensive real estate in Mornington are the large luxury houses with views of Port Phillip Bay on the beachfront Esplanade and Beleura Hill. There are many family housing estates in East Mornington near Bentons Square shopping centre. Suburban homes with large blocks are available in the Summerfields and Bentons Grange estates with more regular sized allotments in Parkview estate. Character and history combine with avant garde design in the beachside neighbourhoods. You can find everything from affordable 1 bedroom units to modern townhouses with every conceivable luxury.



Mornington is serviced by the Peninsula Link with access to Melbourne CBD in under 1 hour.


Schools in Mornington





  • Café and restaurants
  • Beaches & clifftop walking trails
  • Harbour for boating
  • Recreation facilities at the Civic reserve


More about Mornington real estate

Beachside of Nepean Hwy

This area is a tightly held location consisting mostly of older style brick veneer, weaterboard and fibro cottage homes. When the established homes are sold, they are often redeveloped into modern, exclusive duplex and townhouse developments.


Dava Drive

Housing around Dava Drive is characterised by a mix of original weatherboard and brick veneer housing circa. 1970’s. Many of these homes have significant land content. New developments are becoming increasingly popular as older houses make way for modern sophisticated duplexes/townhouses. There are also a few older units, generally with between 2 and 6 on the block. Popular streets near Dava Drive are Coral Road, Prince Street, Johns Road and Gleneagles Avenue. This location has scenic beaches and coves along Port Phillip Bay, the Dava Hotel and a strip shopping centre (home to Pilot Estate Agents).


The Esplanade

Homes along the esplanade in Mornington and Mount Martha are highly sought after and rarely available for sale. There is a mix of grand old estates with large land content, renovated older beach homes and striking modern large townhouses, villas and duplexes with some smaller units. Closer to Main Street, there are several older style units.


Main Street

The retail and commercial centre of Mornington is now becoming sought after for residential unit living as well. Notable apartment buildings are 22 Main Street and DOC at 28 Main Street. Exclusive locations near Main Street include Grange Road and Tanti Avenue with The Convent building at #5 now an upmarket apartment development (the redevelopment of the former Saint Macartans primary school).


Beleura Hill

The Beleura Hill area and surrounds is widely regarded as one of Mornington’s most prestigious neighbourhoods and it’s no surprise real estate is tightly held in this location. Here you will find older homes that have had significant renovation as well as more modern prestige homes. New high density unit and townhouse developments are becoming more prevalent in the area. Being close to Main Street shopping and dining precinct ensures the area will remain high in demand.


Tanti Park

The Tanti Park estate borders Nepean Highway and Bungower road. It is named after the ‘Tanti Creek that runs adjacent to the southern boundary. In the Tanti Park Estate you will find many ex-housing commission 3 to 4 bedroom freestanding houses, predominantly made from concrete panels or brick veneer. Most houses are circa 1960 – 1970. There are opportunities to add value by renovating and improving. Neighbourhood amenities include sports fields, small strip shopping centre.


Exford Drive

Located opposite from Tanti Park across Bungower Road, this area has mainly 1980’s project style homes. It offers good value family friendly homes in a well located area.


Canterbury Park

A subdivision of 275 lots that is now known generally as East Mornington. Houses are mostly modern, family sized project homes made from brick veneer. The area is home to ‘Bentons Junior College’ and the Bentons Square shopping centre.



This estate is comprised of 464 allotments typically ranging in size from 900sqm to 1,500sqm. There is a 4.4 hectare public parkland with water features, a playground and picnic area as well as lookouts over the adjacent bushland. Homes in Summerfields are generally modern, larger family sized homes with contemporary designs often from project home builders. A favorite location for families with school aged children.


Benton Grange

Characterised by the nearby Balcombe Creek, this estate has approximately 38 rural residential lots and extensive areas devoted to wetlands. It is located next to the Summerfields estate and close to the Bentons Square shopping centre, primary schools and Bentons Junior College.

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