Owners corporation management

PILOT have developed a highly efficient owners corporation management service with documented procedures and quality control. We guide you by coordinating the affairs of all unit owners, ensuring compliance with the Owners Corporation Act and the Regulations.


  • Invoice levies and fund contributions
  • Pay invoices and accounts as authorised
  • Manage and Remit Tax and other duties
  • Arrange and maintain insurance policies and valuations
  • Report to Annual General Meeting
  • Ensure arrears and debts are managed within specified limits


  • Maintain the Owners Corporation bank accounts
  • Receipt and bank all levies
  • Prepare and maintain financial statements and budgets
  • Reconcile accounts monthly
  • Provide quarterly financial updates to Owners Corporation Committee as required
  • Prepare and provide quarterly financial reports to Owners Corporation Committee as required
  • Prepare an annual budget and forecast
  • Arrange annual financial statements, audits and reports as required


  • Conduct the annual general meeting (Can be held at the PILOT Mornington offices at no extra charge)
  • Support the operation of the Owners Corporation Committee
  • Assist the OC to comply with the relevant statutory Owners Corporations Act 2006, the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007 and Rules
  • Maintain the OC register
  • Implement and operate a grievance procedure
  • Provide prompt access to authorised requests
  • Arrange and coordinate contractors
  • Custody and use of/affixing common seal
  • General asset management of real estate

Communication & Customer Service

  • Facilitate communication between Owners Corporation members, the Committee and residents
  • Acknowledge the receipt of and respond to all queries, incoming communication and correspondence from Owners Corporation members promptly
  • Maintain accurate records of all business conducted on the Owners Corporation’s behalf
  • Ensure accurate records of all meetings
  • Prepare and distribute all meeting notices, agendas and supporting meeting papers
  • Distribute minutes of Owners Corporation meetings

* An owners corporation is also known as a body corporate.