Changing to PILOT owners corporation managers

Appointing an owners corporation manager is generally decided by a majority vote of your owners corporation or in some cases by your committee. Decisions of your owners corporation or committee can be made at a meeting or by postal ballot.

A chairperson, secretary or a lot owner nominated by other lot owners whose lot entitlements total at least 25% of all lot entitlements for the land affected by the owners corporation can call a meeting or ballot.

PILOT will assist you to properly call a meeting of your owners corporation or a ballot and will provide you the necessary paperwork.

Once PILOT has been appointed we will contact your outgoing manager and arrange for the collection of owners corporation funds and records within the statutory 28 day limit.

We then follow our proprietary new client set up procedure and develop an action plan for outstanding items requiring attention.

Beware of automatic contract renewal clauses
In general terms your existing manager may be removed by not renewing their contract of appointment. Sometimes a manager’s contract may include an automatic renewal clause where the contract renews for a year from a particular date if notification is not given. It is important to be aware of the timeframes involved as terminating such a contract requires your owners corporation to give the required notice to terminate before the renewal term begins.

Terminating your manager before the term of appointment expires can lead to paying the outgoing manager for the remainder of their term of appointment. Although we can not advise you when you should terminate your manager it should be noted that in some cases our valued clients have found terminating early and switching to PILOT would result in a saving over the ensuing 12 month period.