‘Bank Of Awesome’ Community Grant is back in 2018

‘Bank Of Awesome’ Community Grant is back in 2018

21 FEB 2018: LATEST UPDATE! The 2018 PILOT Bank of Awesome grant has been awarded to Mornington Life Saving Club

We support our local community to make it better for everyone…that’s why PILOT’s ‘Bank of Awesome’ grants programme kicked off in 2017… The first one went to Mornington Community Garden and we’re just getting started. The $500 granted to the Community Garden will assist with improving their facilities.

By the way the garden has an active member base who love gardening which is good for their mental health. Their association is now assisting other community groups to set up their own community gardens.

The next $500 ‘Bank of Awesome’ Grant has been extended and will now be announced on 22 Feb 2018.

The recipient organisation must be located on the Mornington Peninsula and be a not for profit organisation. We are contacting community groups now seeking a submission. The official criteria for selection is below.

How you can help us:
1. Help us get the word out (i.e. businesses could include a story in your newsletter)
2. Companies could match our grant or provide a donation to the winning organisation

How to apply for the grant
Submit a 1 page proposal to PILOT real estate agents stating what purpose the grant will be used for and how it will benefit the organization. Post: Shop 2/1 Hoylake Grove, Mornington VIC 3931 or call 03 5976 1273 for our email address.

Selection Criteria
The recipient of the donation must satisfy all of the following criteria:
• Be a charitable organization or a non-profit group whose activities benefit the local community in Mornington or Mount Martha
• Be based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
• Provide the registered name and contact details of their organization
• Offer a real benefit to the community members: i.e. facilitate gardening activities to their member base, take disabled people surfing, relieve poverty or social distress etc.
• Not be a relation of an employee, director or owner of PILOT real estate agents
• Not be carrying on a for-profit business
• Nominate a representative who agrees to be photographed with our novelty cheque upon the grant payment

The winner of the grant will be announced on 15 February 2018 and announced on the website www.pilotrealestate.com.au and social media Facebook page of PILOT real estate agents. A press release will be issued to local media outlets during February 2018 announcing the winning organization. PILOT real estate agents are the sole arbitrator of the grant recipient selection process and no further correspondence will be entered into.

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