10 things to do before selling your home

  1. Research your market. See what other homes similar to yours are available. How do they stack up in terms of price, size, features? An experienced real estate agent can help you with objective, data driven research.
  2. Attend to minor repairs around the home. Get everything ship-shape.
  3. Clean your gutters – an easy one.
  4. Tidy your garage. When was the last time you ventured into your garage?
  5. Get your garden looking great. A well presented garden can go a long way towards first impressions when buyers inspect your home
  6. Store valuables away, perhaps at a relatives home.
  7. Unit owner?  If you don’t always follow the latest owners corporation affairs getting up to speed on any issues will help you identify issues before the buyers bring them up
  8. Set the stage for sale. Home staging and professional furnishing is growing in popularity and may help you achieve a better level of presentation leading to a higher sale price. Digital furnishing can also be a cost effective staging technique.
  9. Engage a competant conveyancer or solicitor. A Section 32 Vendors Statement will set out all the particulars of your property and is a legal requirement for a property sale in Victoria. Get this befor you hit the market and your sale campaign will hit the ground running.
  10. Speak with a local real estate agent professional. Your local agent will have a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into from preparation to marketing and handling the eventual sale of your home.

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